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Pitball MF Font Family Download

Download Pitball MF

Nimali Font Family Download

Download Nimali

Complement your collection of animal-shaped fonts with an illustration series that brings the different moods and moments of wildlife right to your desktop. Formed by shadows of animals in a variety of real life poses, it’s perfect for design situations that require animals with a non whimsical look and a more correct morphology.

87 silhouettes and 9 pairs of tracks that range from the enigmatic energy of dodgy rats and rabbits, to the mysterious serenity of amphibians and much more. A simple and useful picture of nature.

Tes Font Family Download

Download Tes

The Tes family was designed specially for a limited-edition book about Nikola Tesla and Resonance Waves.

It needed to be modern and complete for a multilingual version of the book.

Hip Pop NF Font Family Download

Download Hip Pop NF

Type designer Friedrich Poppl is perhaps best known for his classic text faces and elegant scripts, but it seems he had a playful side as well. This frisky face is based on Dynamische Antiqua, which Poppl did for the Stempel foundry in 1960, but which was never released.

Bright, bold and bouncy, it’s the perfect choice for headlines with impish impact.

Both versions of this font include the complete Unicode Latin 1252 and Central European 1250 character sets.

Roto Font Family Download

Download Roto

Roto originated from a discovery tour of rotating shapes and clusters which resulted in 52 distinct roto illustrations. The interplay of positive and negative shapes defines roto illustrations and provokes an illusion of movement within the design.

These complex illustrations can be combined with each other to create funky designs. Repeating Roto illustrations results in interesting patterns which can be used in many ways.

Play with Roto and use your imagination to create virtually endless numbers of exciting designs.

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