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Download Klee Print

Klee Print is based on the handwritten capitals of the American artist, Emma Klee, to which a matching lowercase and many accented characters have been added.

Prodigy Font Family Download

Download Prodigy

Sil Vous Plait NF Font Family Download

Download Sil Vous Plait NF

Morris Fuller Benton’s 1917 typeface named Invitation provided the pattern for this elegant and endearing face. Classic Engravers Roman style caps are exquisitely balanced with a sinewy lowercase, adding warmth and charm.

All versions of this font include the Unicode 1250 Central European character set in addition to the standard Unicode 1252 Latin set.

Wind Factor Font Family Download

Download Wind Factor

Wind Factor is a display typeface with rough features and roman italic essences. This type features elements of crafting and design along with a bold elegance.

Ideal for brochure design, menus, invitations, package design, and advertising.

Iturritxu Font Family Download

Download Iturritxu

Iturritxu (a small spring or fountain in the Basque language) is the basic style, one letterform per character, using highly readable glyphs suited to text applications. It includes Latin characters for Western European, Central European and Baltic Languages, plus Romanian and Turkish. More…

Iquory Font Family Download

Download Iquory

Iquory is a charming, slightly rugged hand-drawn font. With bouncing letters and unpredictable curves, it could very easily give your text that feeling of randomness you are looking for!

While the uppercase is very steady - the lowercase just screams for a party - so what are you waiting for?

Oh, I almost forgot - the font comes with some nice ligatures for a handful of double letters! More…

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