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Download Klee Print

Klee Print is based on the handwritten capitals of the American artist, Emma Klee, to which a matching lowercase and many accented characters have been added.

Schneider Libretto BQ Font Family Download

Download Schneider Libretto BQ

Quoral Font Family Download

Download Quoral

Quoral was developed from an idea in 2003, and drawn in Illustrator.

It has an extended character set in greek an cyrillic, but not all the characters for these languages.

Nipey Font Family Download

Download Nipey

Every single character in Nipey is unique! Meaning that no characters is a copy of another. All accented characters therefore are hand-drawn and unique. For example, the letter "ñ" is not a copy of ‘n’ with a diacritical tilde - and this goes for all accented characters, as well as the ordinary ones!

Besides that, Nipey has got autoligatures for doublelettered lower- and uppercase, as well as numbers.

But that’s not all! Nipey also has got a full set of alternate lower- and uppercase letters! More…

Sprocket Font Family Download

Download Sprocket

Lunix Font Family Download

Download Lunix

The basic idea behind Lunix was a half-moon-serif. Hence the name that is derived from “Luna” the ancient greek goddess of the moon.

The serifs pretty soon developed their own life and started to grow and curl. Now all of a sudden the font became a very spiky affair.

To make things worse, I designed a Small-Caps version that was even spikier. There are strange thoughts that come to my mind when I look at the font. Dracula, Nostradamus, barb wire, Punkrock, the thorn crown of Jesus, stiletto heels, switchblades and so on. More…

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