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Tasci Serif Font Family Download

Download Tasci Serif

TASCI SERIF typeface has been derived from TASCI typeface, it is especially designed to use for logotype and display designs.

Junktoy Font Family Download

Download Junktoy

Quickly scribbled grafitti font that has got that bad-boy-feeling!

Midnight Kernboy Font Family Download

Download Midnight Kernboy

Midnight Kernboy is a 21st century interpretation of City.

The slab serif, or egyptian type style, was introduced around 1815 by Vincent Figgins; at the time it was considered the most brilliant typographic invention of the 19th century, and the style quickly established itself as a favorite for headline and poster work. Georg Trump’s City (1930) marked the end of classicism in egyptian type the same year it started -- with the pure geometric forms of Memphis (1930), proving once again that classical periods in art never last long... More…

Mister Dorky Font Family Download

Download Mister Dorky

Mister Dorky is a grungy, jumpy and warm handwritten font made with an inky pen!

Perugia Cursive Font Family Download

Download Perugia Cursive
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