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Download Moire

Moire is a block-style sans serif font designed by Jim Ford in the spirit of typefaces popular during the 1950s.

The Moire font is slightly more efficient for a more modern voice than its predecessors. Moire is practical for all modern display settings in signs, publications, reports and presentations. The Moire font will also replicate well in on-screen uses from User Interfaces to web graphics.

1431 Humane Niccoli Font Family Download

Download 1431 Humane Niccoli

Niccolo Niccoli (1364-1437) was a wealthy bibliophile and an acclaimed scribe, in Florence (Italy). He was one of the most important Italian calligrapher in this early time of rediscovering Roman script. Of rare accomplishment was his adaptation of the so called Italian humanistic minuscule script. We were inspired from his late work to create this present Font.

We have added a lot of accented and other characters (U/V, I/J...) who was not existing in the original and replacing “long s” by a small “s” for a modern use.
The OTF encoding was used for intelligent alternates, permitting to use different forms of the same lower case or capital in a single word, reproducing easily the charming variety of a real manual scripture.

1420 Gothic Script Font Family Download

Download 1420 Gothic Script

This script font was inspired by the type most commonly used during the period 1300s to 1500s.

It is a compromise between historic truth and contemporary use. We particularly thank very much the Paris Sorbonne University professor who gave us freely and patiently numerous and valuable advice and criticism for this work.

This font includes “long s”, naturally, as typicaly medieval, a lot of ligatures and abbreviations as “que, qui, quo, per, pre, ff, ffi, fi, ft, sd, pp...”, but also a few final and initial characters and final additionable loops. More…

Instructions for use, added, helps to identify them on keyboard. It can be used for web-site titles, posters and fliers design, editing ancient texts or greeting cards, all various sorts of presentations, as a very decorative, elegant and luxurious font...

This font remains clear and esay to read over a wide range of sizes. Its original medieval size is about 18/24 points.

CA 12c13c Font Family Download

Download CA 12c13c

CA 12C13C was designed by sticking letters together with tape.

Use it when right angles are strictly forbidden!

1066 Hastings Font Family Download

Download 1066 Hastings

In 1066, William, duke of Normandy, was invading England. He was demanding the crown for himself, against King Harold the Saxon. He killed Harold and reached the crown at Hastings, the well-known battlefield.

A few years later, in Bayeux (Normandy, French)was displayed a large tapestry (almost 70 m long) who was telling the story of the conquest. Along the tapestry was written a comment in Latin, using Roman capitals influenced a little by English or Scandinavian style (as it is visible in the Eth character). More…

We have created the font, inspired from this design, adapted for contemporary users, making difference between U and V, I and J, which has not any relevance for ancient Latin scribes, and naturally with Thorn, Oslash, Lslash... and usual accented characters did not exist at the time.

We also have reconstructed the K, German double s and Z, always using patterns of the time. We have scrupulously respected the poetic irregular and distressed original forms with two or three alternate for each characters, including reconstructed numerals.

10.12 Font Family Download

Download 10.12

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