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CA 12c13c Font Family Download

Download CA 12c13c

CA 12C13C was designed by sticking letters together with tape.

Use it when right angles are strictly forbidden!

1066 Hastings Font Family Download

Download 1066 Hastings

In 1066, William, duke of Normandy, was invading England. He was demanding the crown for himself, against King Harold the Saxon. He killed Harold and reached the crown at Hastings, the well-known battlefield.

A few years later, in Bayeux (Normandy, French)was displayed a large tapestry (almost 70 m long) who was telling the story of the conquest. Along the tapestry was written a comment in Latin, using Roman capitals influenced a little by English or Scandinavian style (as it is visible in the Eth character). More…

We have created the font, inspired from this design, adapted for contemporary users, making difference between U and V, I and J, which has not any relevance for ancient Latin scribes, and naturally with Thorn, Oslash, Lslash... and usual accented characters did not exist at the time.

We also have reconstructed the K, German double s and Z, always using patterns of the time. We have scrupulously respected the poetic irregular and distressed original forms with two or three alternate for each characters, including reconstructed numerals.

10.12 Font Family Download

Download 10.12

10 Cent Comics Font Family Download

Download 10 Cent Comics

Patterned after the unique comic book lettering of the Golden Age of comics. This type of lettering appeared in the ground-breaking superhero and detective serials of yesteryear. Ironically, it’s the same precise easy-to-read style of the 50’s that also makes this font set perfect for online comics.

080203 Font Family Download

Download 080203

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