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1557 Civilité Granjon Font Family Download

Download 1557 Civilité Granjon

Living from 1545 in Lyon, France, the famous punchcutter Robert Granjon created a typeface that looked like his own handwriting. The first book printed with this font, in 1557, was probably Dialogues de la vie et de la mort by Innocent Ringhier. We offer the complete typeface. It is a charming font with historical forms (long s, final s and others) and many ligatures, enriched with accented letters and other characters that did not exist in the original (thorn, eth, lslash and others), and a lot of alternates that permit rich and varying typography. Warning: all characters appear with the 1500s manual blackletter old style, especially letters “e” “r” or “h” alternate and some ending forms, and may be difficult to read at first, but it quickly becomes very easy. More…

The font contains all characters for Baltic, Western European (Including Celtic), Eastern European, Northern European, and Turkish languages.

1550 Arabesques Font Family Download

Download 1550 Arabesques

Font inspired by the decorative elements and opening capitals frequently in use in the early 1500s, under Geoffroy Tory’s book “Champfleury” influence, especially in Lyon (France). It is an entirely original design.

It is used to embellish texts, such as posters, greetings, invitations, gastronomic menus and much more...

This font easily supports enlargement to 48, 60, 72 points and more, as it is made for those sizes!

1546 Poliphile Font Family Download

Download 1546 Poliphile

This family was inspired from the French edition of Hypnerotomachie de Poliphile (“The Strife of Love in a Dream”) attributed to Francesco Colonna, 1467 printed in 1546 in Paris by Jacques Kerver. He was using a Garamond set (look at our 1592 GLC Garamond), including two styles: Normal and Italic (Normal carved by Claude Garamond, Italic we don't know; it was an Italic pattern very often in use in Paris at that time). More…

We have modified the slant angle of the Capitals used with Italics because the Normal capitals were used in both styles in the original. The present font includes all of the specific latin abbreviations and ligatures used in this edition (with a few differences between the two styles). Added are the accented characters and a few others not in use in this early period of printing.

Decorated letters such as 1512 Initials, 1550 Arabesques, 1565 Venetian, or 1584 Rinceau can be used with this family without anachronism.

1545 Faucheur Font Family Download

Download 1545 Faucheur

This family was inspired from the set of fontfaces used in Paris by Ponce Rosset, aka “Faucheur” to print the relation of the second travel to Canada by Jacques Cartier, first edition, printed in 1545. It is a “Garalde” set, the punchcutter is unknown, certainly it was not Garamond himself. In our two styles (Normal & Italic), fontfaces, kernings and spaces are scrupulously the same as in the original. This Pro font is covering Western, Eastern and Central European languages (includind Celtic) Baltic and Turkish, with standard and “s long” ligatures in each of the two styles.

1543 Humane Jenson Font Family Download

Download 1543 Humane Jenson

In 1543 the well-known “De humani corporis fabrica” treatise on anatomy by André Vesale, was printed by Johann Oporinus in Basel (Switzerland). Various typefaces were used for this work, mostly in Latin but including Greek characters. Its Jenson-type font was the one which inspired this font. It is a very elegant one, including the “long s”, a few abbreviation forms and ligatures. As it was a Latin text, there were no accented characters and a few capitals were absent. I had to reconstruct them.

A render sheet, in the font file, makes all characters easy to identify on the keyboard. More…

This font may be used as a “modern” one for web-site titles, posters and flier designs, publishing ancient texts... and anything else you want! One of the most elegant types ever cut, it stands up very well to enlargement, remaining as readable as in its original small size.

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