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Download Milafleur

Milafleur presents the second member in the series of pictorial fonts with calligraphic miniatures by Lyudmila Mikhailova. The first font of the series, Milanette, was released one month earlier. Milafleur contains more than 60 pictures -- mostly flowers which define the origin of its name. In contrast to Milanette the pictures in Milafleur are less abstract and thus can be used as small illustrations in greeting texts, postcards, intimate notes, diaries and even in Christmas cards because some of the pictures show strobiles instead of flowers and coniferous branches instead of leaves.

Released by ParaType in 2011.

Mittwoch Font Family Download

Download Mittwoch

Mittwoch is an extended modern serif and a new companion to insigne’s Montag and Dienstag extended sans serifs.

Mittwoch conveys a graceful air with its high-contrast letterforms and its ball terminals, but also includes some unique touches that are unexpected for modern faces. Mittwoch includes four different weights and 50 alternate characters, including swashes, more traditional modern letterforms and simplified characters for titling or when a more unique look is needed.

Rough Bits Font Family Download

Download Rough Bits

Some old broken characters. It reminds me of old labels on walls, streets or on tanks.

Sundae Font Family Download

Download Sundae

Sundae is a brush script drawn with a naïve hand-made twist. The flow of curves, contrast in stroke and variations in letter heights add a human touch while the consistency in design allows for semi-extended setting.

Sundae is best suited for large, confident headings where a personal impact is desired.

Pink Lemonade Font Family Download

Download Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade (formerly called Fresh Paint) is just like cool, tart lemonade on a hot summer’s day...refreshing! With varying widths and irregular sizes of the lowercase letters, Pink Lemonade lends a bouncy rhythm to text. Works very well for scrapbooking, invitations, children’s books, recipe books, titling, display purposes, etc.

Quean Font Family Download

Download Quean
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