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Download Sybarite

Sybarite is a fat face that works at any size. Capitals with sweeping curves and sharp unbracketed serifs command attention while charming minuscules expose the amiable side of its demeanor.

Sybarite is James Puckett’s revival of the fat face type that appears in the 1829 specimen of Alonzo W. Kinsley’s Franklin Letter Foundry. Kinsley’s was a very short-lived and unprofitable business. It opened in 1825 (some sources say 1829) and ended in 1832 upon Kinsley’s death. More…

High-contrast typefaces like Sybarite have thin hairlines that translate poorly to scalable digital type. A hairline thin enough to remain a hairline at large sizes disappears at smaller sizes. And a hairline serif drawn for small sizes turns into a slab serif at large sizes. Solving this problem requires the creation of optical weights; fonts tuned for a certain size range, just as they existed in the era of metal type.

Jeff Handwriting Font Family Download

Download Jeff Handwriting

Digitized handwriting fonts are a perfect way to give documents the “very special touch”. Invitations look simply better when handwritten than when printed in bland Arial or Times New Roman. Short handwritten notes look authentic and appealing. There are numerous occasions where handwritten text makes a better impression.

Jeff Handwriting Pro is a beautiful typeface that mimics true handwriting closely. Use Jeff Handwriting Pro to create stunningly beautiful designs easily. More…

This typeface comes with many pre-made ligatures and alternative characters for sophisticated typography – all easily accessible as OpenType features. A “random” feature even allows for automated random switching between variations of the same character, resulting in type that looks authentically handwritten.

Walton Stencil Font Family Download

Download Walton Stencil

HT Libreria Font Family Download

Download HT Libreria

Retro script based on shopfront lettering, wallpaint advertisements in Italy around 1950s.

Pimpus Font Family Download

Download Pimpus

Tara Bulbous NF Font Family Download

Download Tara Bulbous NF

This new and improved version of this chunky classic by Paul Carlyle and Gus Oring includes the lowercase letters not found in earlier versions. Use it to add a little—or a lot of—panoramic panache to your next project.

Both versions of the font include 1252 Latin and 1250 CE (with localization for Romanian and Moldovan) character sets.

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