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Featured Font

Download Humanex

Humanex is the first text typeface of Sébastien Truchet. He created it during the year of postgraduation ‘Systèmes graphiques, typographique & language' in Amiens. The beginning stages of the font development involved calligraphic research based on humanistic ductus. More…

Sébastien’s goal was to introduce modules in a lineal structure. Downstrokes and upstrokes are homogeneous. Links between stem and curve are straight. It gives solidity and thickness to the typographical composition. The first version was a Semi Bold version and its italic. This typeface gave a blackest text. You can see the first display typeface, Humanex Ultralight. Sébastien kept the Semibold structure in order to make a thin typeface. Its goal is to give support to the Semibold version. It is a good typeface in big sizes. In order to add a better legibility, Sébastien built a Book version to have a brightest grey of text. The reading is more comfortable.

KG Party On The Rooftop Font Family Download

Download KG Party On The Rooftop

In both chunky and tilted/3D versions, this font gives a dose of fun!

Phat Chance Font Family Download

Download Phat Chance

Phat Chance is a funky, in-your-face font that has strong overtones of modern rap and hip-hop culture.
Its broad, fluid line evokes the beat of modern music, the rhythm of contemporary dance, and the power of videogame computer graphics.

It is essential for marketing companies targeting:
⁃ the music scene: CD covers, posters, music videos, presentations
⁃ the movie scene: posters, ads, promotion material, copy, movie titles
⁃ the theatre scene: posters, programs, ads, promotions
⁃ the fashion scene: hangtags, posters, brochures, signage, ads
⁃ the fast food market: packaging, promotions, menus, signage
⁃ general packaging
⁃ general advertising

Parka Font Family Download

Download Parka

Daniel Perraudin began the sketches for Parka in 2007. The design became a central part of his thesis for a diploma in Information Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. Parka benefited from the support of designers Georg Salden and Günter Gerhard Lange.

With its sturdy forms and humanistic influences, Parka performs evenly through all weights, showing great strength in smaller sizes.

Among other uses, Parka is recommended for Magazine and Corporate use.

Retrofont Font Family Download

Download Retrofont

Retrofont is derived from a research work on A. Butti's Hastile typeface; this typeface was never digitized. We looked for a typeface like this, to be used in a work of us, but we did not find anything.

We decided to design Retrofont basing it upon a Hastile version published in a '40 years number of Risorgimento grafico magazine.

Retrofont is more geometrical and is characterized by different proportions than Hastile. More…

Retrofont is designed in two versions: light and regular.

Lipsia Pro Font Family Download

Download Lipsia Pro
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