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Featured Font

Download Sketch Block

Sketch Block is a hand-sketched headline font. The family contains a light and bold weight; both complement each other perfectly. The mundane, constructed basic forms of the egyptienne typeface get their charming touch by the handmade hatching. Impressions of dominance and warmth are equally created.

Created solely by me from sketch by hand and then digitized, Sketch Block makes a perfect font to create the hand-made character look, or to supplement illustrations with typography.

Suomi Script Font Family Download

Download Suomi Script

Suomi Script is a typeface with a twist (pun intended): it has more than 1600 ligatures with two or more glyphs connected to make it look like an odd hand-written script polished by ITC.

With Open Type savvy programs this font automatically replaces single characters with the ligatures. Some hand kerning is needed here and there.

Mafuta Font Family Download

Download Mafuta

Mafuta is a round, happy font, named for the Zulu word for “fat”.

In tribal societies in Africa, where food was often scarce and almost never easily come by, it was considered desirable to appear “well fed”. Roundness was a symbol of high status in the tribe, and a sign of wealth.

The up-beat, bold outline of the font celebrates the confidence of people who feel comfortable being who they are. The font manages to be both contemporary and African. More…

It is best used for posters and for headings.

Kolkata Hotelroom Font Family Download

Download Kolkata Hotelroom

Hotel rooms in Kolkata don't top the list of ‘luxurious habitations’. They are dingy, fly-ridden, dirty and noisy. But if you look really hard, you will find traces of long gone grandeur. This font is all of the above and more: it is sloppy and messy, it spikes and sags, but it does give your designs that extra oomph you are looking for.

Puppies Play Font Family Download

Download Puppies Play

Puppies Play is a fun, bouncy script with connectors that give a playful flow.

Perfect for baby shower invitations, nursery rhymes, and other items that require a fun, children’s look.

Pseudo-Hellenic Font Family Download

Download Pseudo-Hellenic

Pseudo-Hellenic is a font based the Greek typeface of Firmin Didot. The original Greek typeface became standard during the Victorian era and remained popular until the last part of the twentieth century.

Pseudo-Hellenic seeks to create an environment reminicent of the many Greek texts and is meant to re-create their ethos while communicating with a non-Greek speaking audience.

Pseudo-Hellenic with full punctuation, a character 221 glyph character set that allows the user to type in most Western European Latin alphabet languages. Being a decorative font, it works best at larger point sizes.

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