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Download Sign Kit JNL

During trips to the Miami Beach Public Library as a youth, Jeff Levine first caught sight of the signs made with a product called the Webway Sign Cabinet, manufactured by the Holes- Webway company of St. Cloud, MN.

Having purchased an old set, Jeff has carefully re-drawn the alphabet and unique contrasting numbers from the original assortment, adding in an extended character set to his font.

Menim Elim Font Family Download

Download Menim Elim

MenimElim, meaning “my hand” in Azeri, is a handwriting-based font available in two weights: regular and bold.

Muscle Font Family Download

Download Muscle

Muscle came from the original sketches for Sneakers. At the time my concentration with Sneakers was to create a curvier, chunkier display. I left Muscle behind, thinking it was too masculine.

Rather than discard those original sketches, I decided to make it even heavier, reduced the total number of weights, create a function small cap system that when integrated with the lowercase makes a great biform component for short display settings.

Selly Font Family Download

Download Selly

Selly is suited for any display use. It could easily work for web, signage, corporate as well as for editorial design.

Includes one weight in Roman and comes in OpenType format.

EF Keule Font Family Download

Download EF Keule

Kakeroon Font Family Download

Download Kakeroon
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