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Download Mechanic Gothic DST

Based on character shapes with origins rooted in the work of 19th Century American wood type makers, DST Mechanic Gothic draws influence from the poster types found in the impactful advertising during the Industrial revolution.

It has several classic condensed sans-serif elements, and although Darren Scott has injected a contemporary twist to refresh the character shapes, this typeface does not deny its roots. Darren Scott’s original Mechanic Gothic design has been adapted and re-crafted to give a more conventional range of weights and italics for this exclusive re-release.

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Vendome Font Family Download

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Skinflint Font Family Download

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Imprenta Royal Nonpareil Font Family Download

Download Imprenta Royal Nonpareil

Imprenta Royal Nonpareil is the Intellecta’s version of “Nonpareil”, an ancient font founded in the rare book “Muestras de los Punzones y Matrices de Letra que se funde en el Obrador de la Imprenta Real, Madrid, Ano de 1799”. The original sample has only 33 letters. That letters were the start to this enhanced version with 223 gliphs. These kind of letters were used, in those times, for head-lines and titling.

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