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Download Tannarin

Futuristic and spacey, Tannarin is a modular, cap-only typeface. Many letters are constructed of repeated components with the added twist of the round characters being shorter than the square characters.

Pop Cubism Font Family Download

Download Pop Cubism

The Pop Cubism fonts are inspired by Roy Lichtenstein who combined the strong outlines and benday dots of Pop Art with the fragmented viewpoints and facet line divisions of Cubism. The bold letterforms are derived from a variety of styles, both serif and sans, angular and rounded.

Pop Cubism is available in two packages: Pop Cubism Shaded is a single font which contains the lines and dot tones for use in a single color. The Pop Cubism Color Kit contains three matching fonts (Pop Cubism Outline, Pop Cubism Halftone Underlay and Pop Cubism Color Underlay) for overlaying different colors of lines, dot tones, and background color.

Hanyi Zhong Yuan Font Family Download

Download Hanyi Zhong Yuan

This font is intended for use with simplified Chinese. It contains the GB2312 character set.

Quit Smoking Font Family Download

Download Quit Smoking

Legible even at small sizes, when viewed at large sizes you'll notice the slight elegant twist!

Besides, it always a good thing, if you conside quitting smoking!

Montezuma Font Family Download

Download Montezuma

Terazza Tiling Font Family Download

Download Terazza Tiling

Terazza Tiling was brought to mind by old-fashioned tiled fireplace surrounds.

It’s a system of geometric tiles intended for constructing page borders and rules. Their geometric nature makes them adaptable for any sort of period or modern look.

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