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Download Squirrely Shirley NF

Another entry in the trusty old “Schriftatlas” named Phoenix—original source and designer unknown—provided the inspiration for this bouncy bit of alphabetical tomfoolery. Its animated typeforms, definitely retro chic, will put some bounce in the step of any headline it graces. Both versions of the font include complete Latin 1252, Central European 1250 and Turkish 1524 character sets, with localization for Moldovan, Romanian and Turkish

Kyrial Sans Pro Font Family Download

Download Kyrial Sans Pro

Designed in 2011 by Olivier Gourvat, this font family has generous proportions with a range of weights make it a versatile family for print, text, signage, branding and web design work. Kyrial Sans Pro offers lots of OpenType goodness and broad language support.

Visillo Adornado NF Font Family Download

Download Visillo Adornado NF

This unicase beauty is based on the typeface Vesta, originally designed by Albert Auspurg for H. Berthold AG, Berlin and introduced in 1926.

Classic, stylish and elegant, this typeface will add grace and charm to any project.

Both versions of this font include the complete Unicode 1252 Latin and Unicode 1250 Central European character sets.

Ivan Zemtsov Font Family Download

Download Ivan Zemtsov

The Ivan Zemtsov font is based on the lettering of Russian mailartist Ivan Zemtsov, and features both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Young Finesse Font Family Download

Download Young Finesse

Young Finesse is a light, two-weight, announcement face with a large x-height whose characters contain only a few straight lines.

It is based on the titling font that I designed for the dust jacket of my book Fonts & Logos.

Its inspiration comes from Hermann Zapf’s Optima, a serifless roman text face, based on Renaissance inscriptions.Young Finesse italic has a set of elaborate swash caps that reference 16th-century writing hands. More…

Both Young Finesse and Home Run include Richard Isbell’s “interrabang,” appropriately used for statements that are both interrogative and exclamatory.

Regeneration X Font Family Download

Download Regeneration X
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