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Tumbletype Font Family Download

Download Tumbletype

Tumbletype offers two faces with a fun antique look. This is a rough and tumble Roman face with a hand-cast and much-used look, ideal for recreating early printed documents.

Use it for headings and feature paragraphs. It’s the irregularity of this face which makes it so special-give it a try and join in the fun!

Secession Font Family Download

Download Secession

Secession is a very readable typeface, suitable for short blocks of text. If you have grown weary of the standard sans-serif faces one sees all the time, you may want to use Secession as a fresh and distinctive substitute.

Like Kunstler Grotesk, Secession is one of a number of typeface designs that attempts to reconcile Germany’s blackletter tradition with the international familiarity of roman letterforms in a simple, robust design suitable for meeting the demands of a modern industrial economy, while rejecting the extraneous ornamentation of the departing Victorian era. More…

Unlike Kunstler Grotesk, Secession was designed with a lower case. Secession Bold was originally jointly released as Halbfette Secession by Bauer & Company of Stuttgart and H. Berthold AG of Berlin around 1898. The rest of the family was designed by HiH.

The basic family of four: Text, Oblique, Bold and BoldOblique are available in two versions: one set with the standard contemporary lining or ranging numerals for spreadsheets and tables and one set of old-style figures (with OSF in font name) for use with text. The two versions of the basic family, Secession and Secession OSF were released in July 2006.

Cousins include ExtraBold, SCOSF Text, and two multi-lingual versions of the text weight. Secession ML includes the Latin Extended-A character set in unicode format plus 17 ligatures and a few strays. Secession GreekML has all the characters of the ML version plus the unicode Greek set and 17 Greek ligatures. Release of the cousins took place in August and October of 2006.

Similar: Birmingham (Ref 100 Ornamental Alphabets, Solo); Spartana (Art Nouveau Display Alphabets, Solo)

Quiffed Font Family Download

Download Quiffed

Runsten Font Family Download

Download Runsten

Adapted from Ronsten to make an acceptable chunky, more normal serif font retaining the serif alignment with the letter curves.

An Italic is also available.

Kouros Font Family Download

Download Kouros
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