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A font to titillate your senses.

Marilyn Font Family Download

Download Marilyn

Marilyn is a heavy sans typeface; the extreme variations of the baseline of their glyphs cause dramatic typographic effects, flexibility “glamour” with vintage taste.

Marilyn has been designed for use in many forms of commercial jobbing and typographic work that have been mushroomed since de visual communication revolution — like posters, brochures, packaging, logotypes, magazines, children books, headlines, booklets, leaflets, websites, and much more. More…

Marilyn comes also with a large set of ligatures, stylistic alternates and pictograms that enlarge visual expressive possibilities and give you more creative chances.

Rainsong Font Family Download

Download Rainsong

Rainsong is a display font inspired by the art and symbols of the Native Americans.

Typeka Font Family Download

Download Typeka

Leaf Font Family Download

Download Leaf

This “Leaf” font has been swirling in my head for years - I remember my sister and I making letter formations like these when I was young. It was exciting to see the lettering look even better on paper than it did in my mind!

“Leaf” surprised me by having two distinct looks: in size 24 or smaller, the look is delicate, because your eye doesn't see any space in the letters. In size 28 or larger, the eye can discern spaces, which gives a different facet to its personality. As much as I like this font when viewed on a monitor screen, it really shines when printed. More…

The “Leaf” font is a perfect blend of quaint hand-written style mixed with crisp letter formations. This font has a very “happy” quality to it.

May using it bring a little more happiness to your day!

Stellar Classic SG Font Family Download

Download Stellar Classic SG

Designed by the renowned Robert Hunter Middleton of Chicago’s Ludlow Typograph Company, this “serifless roman” was first introduced in 1929.

Middleton has created a transitional face linking the traditional thick and thin serifs of the times with the new Futura and Kabel design imports. With its slightly flared main strokes, Stellar predates in many respects Hermann Zapf's Optima by thirty years. Highly effective where an elegant and warm feeling is desired.

This typeface is faithful to the original letterforms of the Stellar design. More…

Stellar Classic is also available in the OpenType Std format. Some new characters have been added as stylistic alternates in this new version. Stylistic alternates and other advanced features currently work in Adobe Creative Suite InDesign, Creative Suite Illustrator, and Quark XPress 7. Check for OpenType advanced feature support in other applications as it gradually becomes available with upgrades.

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