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Retrofont Font Family Download

Download Retrofont

Retrofont is derived from a research work on A. Butti's Hastile typeface; this typeface was never digitized. We looked for a typeface like this, to be used in a work of us, but we did not find anything.

We decided to design Retrofont basing it upon a Hastile version published in a '40 years number of Risorgimento grafico magazine.

Retrofont is more geometrical and is characterized by different proportions than Hastile. More…

Retrofont is designed in two versions: light and regular.

Lipsia Pro Font Family Download

Download Lipsia Pro

Mono Iltra Font Family Download

Download Mono Iltra

A wrecked, monospaced font containing ligatures for both double letters and numbers, alternate letters and unique accented characters!

You will need to use OpenType supporting applications to use the autoligatures.

Newsworthy JNL Font Family Download

Download Newsworthy JNL

Newsworthy JNL and its oblique counterpart are variations on the ever-popular condensed type styles used for newspaper and tabloid publications.

Type Catalog JNL Font Family Download

Download Type Catalog JNL

Type Catalog JNL was originally a design drawn by Jeff Levine around 2006, but given to Jeff’s friend and fellow designer Ray Larabie (of Typodermic and Larabie Fonts) to work on as a future release.

Ray never did anything with this inline sans, so he was happy to let Jeff once again take over the project. Re-drawing all of the initial characters and completing an extended character set, Type Catalog JNL has a distinctively retro look for many applications.

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