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Sticker MF Font Family Download

Download Sticker MF

Quesadilla Font Family Download

Download Quesadilla

Quesadilla is a fun display typeface with a Latin American feel.

Great for menus, children’s books, and scrapbooking, it would make a nice logo for a Mexican restaurant.

It’s available in four flavors: regular, inline, shadow and dropshadow. The different styles are metrically similar so they can be layered up in different colors with some pretty crazy results.

Ladoga Font Family Download

Download Ladoga

Ladoga — one of the most beautiful Russian designs from the soviet period. The type family was developed in Polygraphmash in 1968 by Anatoly Shchukin on the base of his own lettering for book covers and titles. It was one of the first attempts in Cyrillic typography to create text face in a style of renaissance antiqua. Stylization to broad pen calligraphy resembles early forms of Latin types that were based on handwritten humanistic minuscule. Unique in its character set digital version of Ladoga was designed by Viktor Kharik on the base of artworks of Shchukin for ParaType.

The family consists of roman and italic styles in text and display versions. More…

Character set includes characters of original shapes as well as more modern alternatives. Besides there are a set of additional characters, old style figures and small caps. The fonts cover all modern languages based on Latin and Cyrillic scripts, Greek alphabet (including polytonic extension), Hebrew and historical Cyrillic letters.

Ladoga is gorgeous in display sizes and pretty readable in texts. It’s well suitable for fiction literature, historical books, art criticism, religious and philologist works. It will be extreme helpful for multilingual issues and for inclusions into body text historical passages in original orthography. The family was released in 2010.

Hieroglyph Informal Font Family Download

Download Hieroglyph Informal

Designed for a role-playing scenario, this font uses Egyptian hieroglyphs closely relating to characters in the English alphabet as its starting point. It’s fun to use and has many extra hieroglyphs taken from monumental carvings.

Sensomelia Font Family Download

Download Sensomelia

Sensomelia is a delicate and sensitive font with an authentic handwritten look.

It’s clean, smooth and right in the eye!

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