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WebBats Font Family Download

Download WebBats

WebBats are fun, elegant and unique dingbats that are coordinated web graphic elements such as interfaces, navigation bars or remotes, dividers, nameplates, arrows and buttons. There are 12 different themes in WebBats, with six different elements in each theme. (72 characters total). WebBits are the interior sections to WebBats and are included as a bonus font for doubling your designing pleasure.

HS Future Sans Font Family Download

Download HS Future Sans

HS Future Sans is the sans serif version of HS Future. It has three weights and was converted to OpenType to support Arabic, Persian and Urdu to be compatible with the various operation systems and modern software.

The smoothing of this font and the combination of straight and curved parts without the serif gave the user additional option beside HS Future family. It made it a beautiful typeface appropriate to the titles, and able to meet the desire of the user in the design of ads and modern designs of various types of audio and visual.

Sui Generis Font Family Download

Download Sui Generis

Sui Generis is a rounded quadratical sans-serif typeface with a distinguished voice. Sui Generis comes in 4 weights, 2 widths, italics and 1 outline style.

Suti Font Family Download

Download Suti

When you need a clean font with handwritten feel your pick is Suti.

Libra Font Family Download

Download Libra
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