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Octin Stencil Font Family Download

Download Octin Stencil

Octin Stencil is a tough headliner in 7 weights: light, book, regular, semi-bold, heavy & black. Octin Stencil is perfect for police, sports, prison, construction, school or military themes. Check out the rest of the Octin families: Octin College, Octin Sports, Octin Stencil, Octin Prison, Octin Spraypaint & Octin Vintage.

EF Topographicals Font Family Download

Download EF Topographicals

Saxony Serial Font Family Download

Download Saxony Serial

Spud Font Family Download

Download Spud

Capturing the free flowing feel of handwriting in a font is remarkably difficult. Spud is another attempt to achieve this.

Safran Font Family Download

Download Safran

Besides all the display and script typefaces I design, my real passion is to design typefaces for copy.

Safran is the first of my sans serif workhorse families available from Myfonts. Starting from a light version there are nine weights up to the strong ultrabold. All with italics.

What was the inspiration for designing the font? I wanted to create a clear and elegant typeface with a wide variety of weights and proportions that are easy to use in corporate branding and magazines. More…

What are its main characteristics and features? contemporary humanist legible sans serif

Usage recommendations: corporate branding, magazines and other publications

Elegant, clear and very legible.

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