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Woodball Font Family Download

Download Woodball

QueueBrick Font Family Download

Download QueueBrick

QueueBrick is an 8 font family consisting of 4 weights Open & 4 weights Closed. A block-work typeface inspired by East European movie posters.

Example includes Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Hanyi Shu Tong Font Family Download

Download Hanyi Shu Tong

This font is intended for use with simplified Chinese. It contains the GB2312 character set.

Wallflowers II Font Family Download

Download Wallflowers II

WALLFLOWERS II feature 26 unique hand drawn wallpaper tiles and 45 icons for standalone use. This font can be used as icons, borders, and/or wallpaper patterns.

Wallflowers are very easy to use, for borders or wallpaper, simply type the same letter consecutively (for example: aaaa or bbbb, et cetera) and voila! The pattern will emerge. Refer to the Users Guide in the Gallery and included with your download for further instruction and to view the patterns included.

Wallflowers II may be used as an embedded background image on websites without a special More…

license or license upgrade.

Vaquero Font Family Download

Download Vaquero

Vaquero is a Wild West style font.

It is characteristic of a lot of western era signage, with super-narrow characters and unusual decorative spurs and serifs. There are some similarities in Vaquero to some of our other western fonts. It sort of ties together the historic tradition of western era type and the more fanciful tradition of romantic type derived from the era of the wild west. It has the width, height and general letter shapes of Academy, but the decorative elements are similar to more fanciful fonts like Riudoso.

The result is very evocative of the old west.

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