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Download Topstitch

Topstitch is a font that looks like authentic hand-sewn topstitching.

Most sewing fonts are linear and flat-ended like dashed writing. Topstitch is a non-joining script, just slightly wonky like real handmade embroidery.

Reminiscent of the letter forms of Murray Hill, it has high x-height and large, open loops.

Softie Font Family Download

Download Softie

This typeface was designed to be used as the page heading font for MyFonts.

Originally only the letters needed to make up the required phrases were drawn. Then amazingly enough, people started asking where they could get the font, so I decided to complete the character set, and named it Softie.

This name was chosen because the round and rather bulbous shapes that make up the letters reminded me of marshmallows. Softie, almost good enough to eat. More…

The Bold version, called Softie Bloated, was added in late 2003. Rumor has it that the name came to Steve after Thanksgiving dinner.

Jargon Pro Font Family Download

Download Jargon Pro

This new OpenType pro font has 468 characters and glyphs.

It is a massive redrawing of AeroScript. I have added nearly four dozen ligatures, small caps, oldstyle figures, small cap figures, and more.

Snowhouse Font Family Download

Download Snowhouse

TTYouth Font Family Download

Download TTYouth

Orotund Font Family Download

Download Orotund

Orotund is a digitization and considerable expansion of the cheeky and enormously popular 1970s/1980s film type called Eight Ball.

Round and happy like a bouncy ball, these are letters after a signmaker’s own heart. Seen everywhere in its film version, from bingo and pool hall parlor signs to comic books, now this computer version opens the door for the happy roundness to be used on a much larger scale by anyone who designs layouts on a computer. More…

The original film type included a few alternates. We digitized them, but we added many more as well. And we tied the map all together with OpenType programming for those who use OT-savvy programs.

Orotund is great for a variety of applications, including signage, rubber stamps, poster design, titling, cartoons, comics, and pretty much anything where happy and round fit in.

And as a tribute to the original type’s name, we placed a dingbat of an 8-ball right in there for you.

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