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Download Smith-Premier Typewriter

Smith-Premier Typewriter is a typewriter font design, great for mimicking the sloppy ink effect of older machines.

ION C Font Family Download

Download ION C

ION C is a part of the ION superfamily, which consists of 3 families: condensed (ION A), normal (ION B) and wide (ION C), each having a compelling range of 10 weights. Styles Thin to Black have 436 glyphs supporting more than 70 Latin-based languages and the three heaviest weights, named U1, U2 and U3 have 94 basic glyphs.

ION glyphs are based on the classic 7-segment display, but for readability and aesthetic reasons, some alphabetic characters don't follow this matrix strictly. In case you like things in order, don't worry, there’s a stylistic set that replaces all characters with their strict alternatives. The special characters, such as #, @ or % are composed of special segments, but are designed to fit seamlessly within the whole character set. More…

Koziupack Font Family Download

Download Koziupack

Wild and free as usual, but now with a touch of sharp focus presented in

curled ascenders and descenders, swashy care-free caps, and very unique


Koziupack is the ideal choice of font for food and drink product More…

Wedding Doodles Font Family Download

Download Wedding Doodles

A font of 31 wedding icons... bow tie, shoe, bouquet, cakes, invitation, cupcakes, bon bons, wedding dress, tux, ring bearer, flower girl, suitcases, congratulations banner, balloons, garter, gift, cuff links, wedding bands, diamond ring.

Use for a wedding shower flyer or make your own gift card.

Lavina 4F Font Family Download

Download Lavina 4F

Prozac Font Family Download

Download Prozac

Prozac takes the alphabet down to six basic shape which are either flipped or rotated to make the whole alphabet. Prozac forms were designed by scientists in sterile environments without ethics. Prozac is a way of simplifying your life. Prozac take things back to basics. Prozac is a foolish experiment. Prozac affects the meaning of what you say. Prozac is available without prescription in lite and max versions.

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