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Thai Foon NF Font Family Download

Download Thai Foon NF

One in the series of fonts celebrating the Halcyon Days of Handlettering. Thai Foon, a fun-loving, freewheeling script, is based on a font presented in the book “Lettering of Today” (today being 1933), by W. Ben and Ed C. Hunt.

Sillybutt Font Family Download

Download Sillybutt

Sillybutt is a light-hearted font, good for a cartoon-like look.

Iris MF Font Family Download

Download Iris MF

Pomfrit Dandy NF Font Family Download

Download Pomfrit Dandy NF

This elegant monocase design is based on a nineteenth-century offering from Britain’s Stephenson Blake Foundry named "Fry’s Ornamented No. 2".

Stylish, witty and debonair, it will add grace and charm to any project. The font features bracketed fleurons in the greater than and less than positions, and no math operators.

Both versions of this font contain the Unicode 1252 (Latin) and Unicode 1250 (Central European) character sets, with localization for Romanian and Moldovan.

Heinemann Font Family Download

Download Heinemann

The Heinemann fonts were initially developed by the in-house design team at Heinemann educational publishing out of the necessity to find the perfect font for use in early primary reading books and literacy products.

Basic Heinemann is defined by longer ascenders and descenders which help children to distinguish between letters; rounded edges on all letterforms help focus the reader on the individual letter shape; and modified characters (eg. a, g,) ensure instant recognition of letterforms. More…

Heinemann Special offers further modified characters and kerning pairs ideal for dyslexic or special needs use (eg a, d, b).

The Heinemann fonts were developed in partnership with children, literacy advisors, teachers of special needs/dyslexia and primary school teachers, and are now released in response to hundreds of requests from publishers, designers and teachers to purchase them. They have been trialled in schools and learning institutions over an 8 year period, and are a favorite for use in both print and electronic product. The modern, clean aesthetic of the fonts ensures that their use can span beyond educational application.

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