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Download Moire

Moire is a block-style sans serif font designed by Jim Ford in the spirit of typefaces popular during the 1950s.

The Moire font is slightly more efficient for a more modern voice than its predecessors. Moire is practical for all modern display settings in signs, publications, reports and presentations. The Moire font will also replicate well in on-screen uses from User Interfaces to web graphics.

Tenpenny Dreadful Font Family Download

Download Tenpenny Dreadful

Lady Rene Font Family Download

Download Lady Rene

Looking back on my production to date, neither so little nor so large, it does not come as a surprise to find myself now introducing Lady René.

A brief review of my career would read as follows: graphic designer graduated from Buenos Aires University, a 10-year professorship in Typography in the same institution, an illustrator in the making.

For almost 15 years now my work has focused on the design of editorial pieces, predominantly books and CD sleeves. Typography proper has always been central to my research projects. More…

Zar2 Casual Font Family Download

Download Zar2 Casual

Zar-2 Casual is great for informal fun graphics, pairs well with Zar-2 Script.

Operator Nine BTN Font Family Download

Download Operator Nine BTN

Operator Nine is a clean, deco, text typestyle with a range of appeals available through its many variants of weights, obliques, and other features such as inline, lined, and shadow.

Perfect for small bodies of text, and strongly appealing for logo and headline designs.

North West Font Family Download

Download North West

Created to show movement of an object. Looks best at a large size.

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