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Download Moire

Moire is a block-style sans serif font designed by Jim Ford in the spirit of typefaces popular during the 1950s.

The Moire font is slightly more efficient for a more modern voice than its predecessors. Moire is practical for all modern display settings in signs, publications, reports and presentations. The Moire font will also replicate well in on-screen uses from User Interfaces to web graphics.

Rosenberg Ski MF Font Family Download

Download Rosenberg Ski MF

Silver Script Font Family Download

Download Silver Script

Silver Script is a free-flowing and refined script typeface. Elegant and informal is a combination not easy to capture, but Silver Script fits that description nicely. Use the regular lowercase characters in combination with flourishes for a calligraphic appearance.

Tuscaloosa Font Family Download

Download Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa is a classic American ‘Wild West’ Tuscan typeface-we thought it would make a suitable Independence Day tribute to our many American clients. It’s ideal for wherever that ‘Western’ feel is wanted. Posters, signage, the sides of stagecoaches etc... Three faces are offered, a pristine and sharp regular form, a somewhat distressed ‘Rustic’ face and the rather more distressed ‘Extremely Rustic’.

So why not mosey on down the saloon with Tuscaloosa!

Scott McCloud Font Family Download

Download Scott McCloud

Whether you're Making, Understanding or Reinventing comics, you'll need a comic book font that makes your comic book—or comic book about making, understanding or reinventing comic books—look like a, um, comic book.

Yes, it’s all very well writing about the Invisible Art of Making Comics, but if you can't read about the Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels, they'll still be secrets, won't they? More…

Munchkin Land NF Font Family Download

Download Munchkin Land NF

This typeface bears a superficial resemblance to Belwe Extrabold, but is based on a work called Thor, issued by Frederic Wesselhoeft Ltd of London in the 1930s.

The characters in this font are loosely spaced for use in attention-getting subheads, but you can tighten the tracking to get spectacular headlines, should you wish.

Both versions of the font include 1252 Latin, 1250 CE (with localization for Romanian and Moldovan).

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