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Wopi Script No 3 Font Family Download

Download Wopi Script No 3

Wopi Script No 3 Font Information

Download Wopi Script No 3

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Century FB Font Family Download

Download Century FB

Designed by the young Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1906, Century Bold Condensed packs plenty of text into every line. It rapidly became one of the most popular headline typefaces for American newspapers and magazines of our time.

Greg Thompson digitized this version of Century Bold Condensed for the headletter sizes in Road & Track magazine.

In 1992, Font Bureau adapted it as FB Century for general release. More…

Among other uses, Century FB is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

1880 Kurrentshrift Font Family Download

Download 1880 Kurrentshrift

This font was inspired by the old form of the so called “Kurrentschrift” German handwriting, based on late medieval cursive. It is also known as “Alte Deutsche schrift” (“Old German script”).

It was taught in German schools until 1941, when Adolf Hitler decided to forbid it.

As it is a little hard to read, we are proposing here two versions: the “pure” Kurrentschrift, and an adapted “Easy” one, with simplified difficult characters.

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