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Tzoba MF Font Family Download

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Tzoba MF Font Information

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Since the release of these fonts most typefaces in the Scangraphic Type Collection appear in two versions. One is designed specifically for headline typesetting (SH: Scangraphic Headline Types) and one specifically for text typesetting (SB Scangraphic Bodytypes). The most obvious differentiation can be found in the spacing. That of the Bodytypes is adjusted for readability. That of the Headline Types is decidedly more narrow in order to do justice to the requirements of headline typesetting. The kerning tables, as well, have been individualized for each of these type varieties. In addition to the adjustment of spacing, there are also adjustments in the design. For the Bodytypes, fine spaces were created which prevented the smear effect on acute angles in small typesizes. For a number of Bodytypes, hairlines and serifs were thickened or the whole typeface was adjusted to meet the optical requirements for setting type in small sizes. For the German lower-case diacritical marks, all Headline Types complements contain alternative integrated accents which allow the compact setting of lower-case headlines.

ArchiType Font Family Download

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With the famous and much used Eurostile and Bank Gothic in my mind I wanted to design a mono-line font as simple and legible as possible. A square with rounded corners, i.e., the letter ‘o’ as its basis. From there on back to basics, so straights remained simple straights with 90° endings, whatever the angle. Numbers are monospaced.

The result seems to be a pleasantly balanced and neutral font. Excellent for display purposes and surprisingly legible in even small sizes.

This perhaps typical approach by an architect led to the name of the font: ArchiType.

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