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Typo Font Family Download

Download Typo

Typo Font Information

Download Typo

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Buddy Slender Font Family Download

Download Buddy Slender

Buddy Slender is the narrower version of the companion sans for Contenu, the book font family designed for a book on book family design called Practical Font Design. It’s a loose, free, easy to read sans, so when my wife suggested Buddy, it clicked.

This is the 2-font Buddy Slender family of Regular & Bold. I made a new more limited feature set for these fonts due to their designed usage.

Garabata Font Family Download

Download Garabata

Garabata is a handwriting font whose free strokes communicate informality and freshness.

Garabata is a highly versatile font and can be used for all kind of purposes and projects.

Its Small Caps feature provides it with a totally different, more restrained aspect, useful for titles, highlighting text fragments, or when informality in a minor degree is required. More…

Small Caps offers a whole new dimension, almost like having two fonts in one.

Chocolate Mint Surprise BV Font Family Download

Download Chocolate Mint Surprise BV

This font was a nightmare to create but the results are fabulous! Use this font anytime you want that trendy hand drawn look. All the points have been hand edited for maximum smoothness at large sizes. This font is a full extended character set!

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