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Clever Duke BTN Font Family Download

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Clever Duke is a unique, playful display typeface that is elegant enough for invitations, but playful enough for a children’s book.

BAQ Rounded Font Family Download

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BAQ Rounded is a fully developed solid typeface which contains full Latin characters, is highly legible, and always good for extra impact.

This OpenType font offers great opportunity for creating bold and impacting headlines, typographical work on digital forms or print. Full friendly and almost impossible to miss BAQ offers a great use of quick impact typographical treatment through a variety of media.

Inspired by a use of geometrical circles BAQ is constructed in a way in which each letter can work perfectly alongside each other resulting in a very tightly knit family.

Cooper Highlight Font Family Download

Download Cooper Highlight

Cooper Hilite Complete is a complementary set of two fonts- Cooper Black and Cooper Hilite. Either typeface can be used alone, or as a stackable, multi-colored set.

The history of these typefaces: More…

Cooper Black, the most famous and successful of Oswald Cooper’s type designs, was released in 1920, following a year of development fleshing out the weight of the typeface and filling out the full character set. Cooper redrew the lowercase characters multiple times, toying with the rounded forms of the “m” and “n” and engaged in a lively debate with Richard N. McArthur of Barnhart Brohers & Spindler over the final form as McArthur requested that the typeface be drawn bolder and bolder. Cooper famously said the face was "for far-sighted printers with near-sighted customers", and the public agreed. Sales of Cooper Black were voluminous, and Barnhart Brothers and Spindler had a difficult time keeping up with the demand for the typeface. Conservative typographers were critical of Cooper Black, though it was overwhelmingly popular, helping to shape the American advertising landscape through the 1920s and 1930s.

1925 saw the release of Cooper Hilite, the highlighted companion to Cooper Black. The design was executed by merely painting white incised negative spaces on a proof of Cooper Black.

These two typefaces are the result of researching Cooper’s original drawings and series of engraved proofs for both typefaces. The typefaces include the full range of punctuation and diacritics that fill out a full character set. The typefaces have been lovingly kerned for the smoothest result in text setting.

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