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Phantom Font Family Download

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Phantom Font Information

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Amateur Printer JNL Font Family Download

Download Amateur Printer JNL

Amateur Printer JNL is comprised of letters and numbers from one of the rubber stamp sign printing sets that were popular with children up until about the 1960s.

The letters were printed out on paper, then scanned and converted into a font... leaving all of the rough edges and defects intact to give the look of authentic rubber stamp impressions.

LTC Artscript Font Family Download

Download LTC Artscript

Artscript was Sol Hess’s “attempt to convert into rigid metal the graceful penmanship of the ancient scribe”.

This type of script is more common in digital from but when originally released in 1948, it required special handling to avoid breakage.

Extensive alternates were added based on original Hess drawings and additional sources. Both versions are combined into the Opentype version along with an expanded Central European character set as well as ligatures, Swash/Alternates, fractions, superior/inferior numerals and ornaments.

Conqueror Text Font Family Download

Download Conqueror Text

The Conqueror super family was begun in 2005. Now it includes 54 members: Conqueror Display (12 faces), Conqueror Text (12 faces), Conqueror Slab (12 faces) and Conqueror Sans (18 faces).

OpenType revision, with extended Latin characters, made in 2010. All members of Conqueror Text family include the expanded character set of with support of Cyrillics, Central European and Baltic languages.

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