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Perugia Cursive Font Family Download

Download Perugia Cursive

Perugia Cursive Font Information

Download Perugia Cursive

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FG Jasmine Font Family Download

Download FG Jasmine

FG Jasmine is so pretty! I use it all the time for possible and impossible things just to see it. This font contains two fonts - the intention is to combine the two to get a true handwritten effect, the lower case is different in both fonts. Smashing!

Hasan Ghada Short Font Family Download

Download Hasan Ghada Short

Hasan Ghada Short is similar to Hasan Ghada font but it has a short x-height to provide a small square feel. Hasan Ghada Short is an Arabic display typeface. It is useful for titles and graphic projects The font is based on the simple lines of Modern Kufi calligraphy with new ideas for square shapes and geometric feel.

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