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Munchkin Land NF Font Family Download

Download Munchkin Land NF

Munchkin Land NF Font Information

This typeface bears a superficial resemblance to Belwe Extrabold, but is based on a work called Thor, issued by Frederic Wesselhoeft Ltd of London in the 1930s.

The characters in this font are loosely spaced for use in attention-getting subheads, but you can tighten the tracking to get spectacular headlines, should you wish.

Both versions of the font include 1252 Latin, 1250 CE (with localization for Romanian and Moldovan).

Download Munchkin Land NF

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Eckhardt Signwork JNL Font Family Download

Download Eckhardt Signwork JNL

Eckhardt Signwork JNL was inspired by visual images collected by two great nostalgia sites: and

The vintage signage photographed and saved for posterity on both sites reflect an age when hand-crafted work was the rule, rather than the exception [as is today].

Although somewhat limited in scope, this font can best be used for retro or nostalgic embellishments in ads or design work. There’s also a generous amount of blank panels to insert your own copy for special projects. More…

As with previous typefaces in this series, the font is named in honor of the late Al Eckhardt, owner of Allied Signs in Miami, Florida - a talented sign man and Jeff Levine’s good friend for 18 years.

1514 Paris Verand Font Family Download

Download 1514 Paris Verand

This set of initial decorated letters was inspired by a font in use in the beginning of 1500s in Paris.

Exactly, we have used the set that Barthélémy Verand employed for the printing of Triumphus translatez de langage Tuscan en François, (from “Triumph” of Petrarque) in the year 1514. Some letters, lacked, have been reconstructed to propose a complete alphabet. It appear that the printer use some letters to replace others, as V, turned over to make a A, or D to make a Q. More…

The original font’s letters were drawn in white on a black background only, but it was tempting to propose a negative version in black on white.

It is used as variously as web-site titles, posters and flyers design, publishing texts looking like ancient ones, or greeting cards, all various sorts of presentations, as a very decorative, elegant and luxurious additional font...

This font supports strong enlargements remaining very smart and fine. It’s original medieval hight is about one inch equivalent to about four lines of characters.

This font may be used with all blackletter fonts, but works particularly well with 1543 Humane Jenson, 1557 Italic and 1742 Civilite, without any anachronism.

Grand Rapids NF Font Family Download

Download Grand Rapids NF

This disarming beauty is based on a typeface named “Archer” from the 1905 specimen book from Barnhart Brothers & Spindler.

The original was a rather light face; this beefed-up version highlights the face’s charming quirks quite nicely.

Both versions of the font include 1252 Latin, 1250 CE (with localization for Romanian and Moldovan).

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