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Midnight Kernboy Font Family Download

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Midnight Kernboy Font Information

Midnight Kernboy is a 21st century interpretation of City.

The slab serif, or egyptian type style, was introduced around 1815 by Vincent Figgins; at the time it was considered the most brilliant typographic invention of the 19th century, and the style quickly established itself as a favorite for headline and poster work. Georg Trump’s City (1930) marked the end of classicism in egyptian type the same year it started -- with the pure geometric forms of Memphis (1930), proving once again that classical periods in art never last long... More…

Download Midnight Kernboy

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Funkywarp is a simple distorted font, a warped sans-serif typeface.

The package contains both OTF and TTF versions - install either OTF or TTF, not both.

Scott McCloud Font Family Download

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Whether you're Making, Understanding or Reinventing comics, you'll need a comic book font that makes your comic book—or comic book about making, understanding or reinventing comic books—look like a, um, comic book.

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Gatsby SF Font Family Download

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Gatsby SF portrays the formal elegance of Art Deco, using the rounded shapes typical of the Art Deco movement. The upper case characters are decorated with a classical Art Deco motif, while lower case characters have been left unadorned for increased readability.

Gatsby SF functions well as a display font and creates attention-attracting headers and subheaders.

Fully professional, Gatsby SF contains a full character set - Upper and Lower case, all numerals, punctuation, symbols and accented characters. It is suitable for layout work in all major European languages.

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