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Mars Font Family Download

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Mars Font Information

Mars is my first font I ever designed. It’s a simple block font and each character is generated by the same small notches and cut-off edges.
That’s the magic, not more, not less.

I hope you like it.

Mars is a massive and minimalist font, perfect for logo and print design.

Download Mars

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Download this cool font when you've got friendship on your mind.

Its thick wavy lines and slightly uneven character are perfect for light-hearted scrapbook pages, journaling, greeting cards, and other publications.

Argenta Font Family Download

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Argenta is an informal, "hand-printing" font.

Etelka Font Family Download

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Etelka was designed in summer 2005 for purposes of corporate style, product package design and electronic publishing.

The number of printed materials coming with products has been significantly reduced in past years, while every installation CD carries a huge documentation, mostly in PDF format. It requires an extremely legible screen typeface which is readable even in long lines. There is absolutely no need of narrowed, economizing design, because the length of electronic brochures is virtually unlimited. More…

Etelka is excellent also for printed technical manuals, containing Cyrillics and useful ideograms and signs. Its design idea is wide, open rounded square outline taken from old glass monitor shape. It has cool industrial feeling with all diagonals slightly softened. It is suitable not only for product manuals, boxes or electronic books, but also for all kinds of visual communication, especially corporate identity and orientation systems in architecture.

The Monospace fonts are useful supplement for corporate style based on this family, for technical paragraphs in educational texts and office applications, where its light weight saves your toner cartridges.

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