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Kra Kra Font Family Download

Download Kra Kra

Kra Kra Font Information

Download Kra Kra

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Eric Script Font Family Download

Download Eric Script

Created in 2007 by V.H. Fleisher, Eric Script has a handmade quality.

The font has 1599 kerning pairs and works best when used in its PostScript format with programs like TextEdit, Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Crisis Font Family Download

Download Crisis

Crisis is a child of the dictatorship of economics. Since time is money the time budget of its production has been rigidly limited. Crisis was designed and generated completely on one single day. The target was to make a useful font while investing nothing more than absolutely indispensable. The component-based glyph construction scheme of another font has been utilized, further detailing work has been strictly limited. Due to those restrictions some letters have rather unusual shapes.

However, because of the production limitations we can offer Crisis at an unbeatable rate. This straightforward and contemporary sans (320 glyphs) is of compact proportions and very legible even when set in small sizes. In printing you get more text on one page and thus save up to 30% of paper.

Cloudsplitter BB Font Family Download

Download Cloudsplitter BB

A simple, legible comic font that includes both lowercase and uppercase font families. Each have Regular, Italic and Bold as well as a large European character set.

The Opentype uppercase family has autoligatures (accessible by auto-lig capable programs) that swap out consecutive, duplicate letters for a more hand-drawn look.

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