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Klee Print Font Family Download

Download Klee Print

Klee Print Font Information

Klee Print is based on the handwritten capitals of the American artist, Emma Klee, to which a matching lowercase and many accented characters have been added.

Download Klee Print

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Crockstomp Font Family Download

Download Crockstomp

Crockstomp imitates misprinted, distressed or degraded type, containing internal distress and a degraded outline. It’s probably best at larger sizes where the imperfections becomes more apparent.

Also there are two “special effects” varieties.

Agedage Cancelleresca Font Family Download

Download Agedage Cancelleresca

Cancelleresca corsiva is the script developed in Vatican in 16th century, Agedage Cancelleresca is corsiva with decorative capitals.

Agedage Cancelleresca is a Opentype font supporting some opentype layout features.
To use these functions, you need to use an application which supports OpenType advanced features such as Adobe InDesign CS, Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS.

We strongly recommend: More…

Standard Ligatures : ON

Discretionary Ligaures : ON

In addition, the font includes Stylistic Alternates, Ordinal Numerators, Denominators, Fractions and a few alternates.

Hanyi Cu Hei Font Family Download

Download Hanyi Cu Hei

This font is intended for use with simplified Chinese. It contains the GB2312 character set.

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