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Ibarra Decorative Font Family Download

Download Ibarra Decorative

Ibarra Decorative Font Information

Download Ibarra Decorative

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Hanyi Cu Yuan Font Family Download

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This font is intended for use with simplified Chinese. It contains the GB2312 character set.

ABTS Day Of The Dead Font Family Download

Download ABTS Day Of The Dead

ABTS day of the dead is a highly detailed and meticulously designed symbol font. It’s design is inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration, honoring the deceased. I think The Day of the Dead is one of the greatest reasons anyone should celebrate life, so I decided to make a font honoring that tradition. I'm not even sure If I got all of it right, (traditional symbols and such) but it was a joy to create.

There are 2 fonts. The first is the Skulls. This includes uppercase and lowercase A-Z, a-z. There you will find the decorated skulls, blank skulls, and negatives. The second font is the symbols. If you wish to design your own Day of the Dead skull, you should purchase the symbols, as they are designed specifically for adorning the blanks. Purchasing both fonts will give you a discount. More…

Please note, the symbol font will show up in your application of choice as “ABTS Day of the Dead Bold.” This is to avoid software problems with naming the font itself “Symbols.”

Skulls are awesome!!!

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