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HT Profumeria Font Family Download

Download HT Profumeria

HT Profumeria Font Information

Retro script based on shopfront lettering, wallpaint advertisements in Italy around 1950s.

Download HT Profumeria

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Alaskaya Font Family Download

Download Alaskaya

Alaskaya is another result of many fruitless years of looking for satisfactory fonts based on Old Russian Iconography suitable for use with the Latin alphabet.

The origins of the Alaskaya font are the lettering found on the iconography in St. Herman Orthodox Church in Littleton, Colorado. I chose to name the font Alaskaya, in honor of Sts. Herman of Alaska and Innocent of Moscow, the enlightener of Alaska.

Alaskaya currently comes with full punctuation, a complete character set for the English, Greek and Cyrillic character sets. More…

Being a decorative font, it works best at larger point sizes.

Advertisers Gothic Font Family Download

Download Advertisers Gothic

Advertisers Gothic is bold and brash, like the city it comes from, Chicago. It was designed by the accomplished German-American matrix engraver, Robert Wiebking, for the Western Type Foundry in 1917. As its name suggests, it was designed for commercial headliner work, much as Publicity Gothic by Sidney Gaunt for BB&S the year before. See our Publicity Headline.

Alternate letters ‘A’ & ‘S’ are provided at positions 123 & 125. The most popular ad words “Free!”, “New!” and “Sale” (with both esses) are provided at an angle for dramatic tension at positions 137, 167, 172 and 177 respectively. Hungarian umlauted l/c ‘o’ & ‘u’ are at 215 and 247. More…

Advertisers Gothic became quite popular because it was effective. It can work equally well for a flyer advertising a non-profit event as for a magazine product ad. This font refuses to be a wimp. Use it boldly.

Advertisers Gothic ML represents a major extension of the original release, with the following changes:

1. Added glyphs for the 1250 Central Europe, the 1252 Turkish and the 1257 Baltic Code Pages. Total of 335 glyphs.

2. Added OpenType GSUB layout features: pnum, ornm, liga, hist & salt ˜ with total 13 lookups.

3. Added 209 kerning pairs.

4. Revised vertical metrics for improved cross-platform line spacing.

5. Minor refinements to several glyph outlines.

Please note that some older applications may only be able to access the Western Europe character set (approximately 221 glyphs).

The zip package includes two versions of the font at no extra charge. There is an OTF version which is in Open PS (Post Script Type 1) format and a TTF version which is in Open TT (True Type)format. Use whichever works best for your applications.

Gendouki Font Family Download

Download Gendouki

Gendouki is a wide, futuristic sans-serif display font with filament stencil lines inspired by spaceship access panels.

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