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Helvetiquette Font Family Download

Download Helvetiquette

Helvetiquette Font Information

An unorthodox font that increases the x height of Helvetica to the same size as the capitals; the scale and shape of the glyphs have been ITC-ed and fine-tuned.

Despite the name, this is bad-mannered grotesquerie, impertinently created by playing footsie with universal truths.

Download Helvetiquette

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Boston Breton NF Font Family Download

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This engaging slab serif face made its debut in the 1906 ATF specimen catalog, and wears well over a century later. Its warm lines and a wide stance ensure that your headlines will be noticed. Both versions feature the complete Latin 1252, Central European 1250 and Turskish 1254 character sets, with localization for Lithuanian, Moldovan and Romanian.

The Crew Pro Font Family Download

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The Crew Pro is based on the logo of the seminal punk band 7 Seconds. It was expanded to include extended Latin, extended Cyrillic and Greek alphabets so it will work with most languages in Europe and the Americas.

Egon Sans Condensed Font Family Download

Download Egon Sans Condensed

Egon Condensed is a geometric sans serif typeface family built in nine styles - light, regular, bold weights in roman and italic respectably, plus three alternatives in roman. Egon Sans Condensed is an extension of Egon family - Egon Slab Serif (2008) and Egon Sans Serif (2010).

Egon Sans is released as OpenType single master with a Western CP1252 character set.

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