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PIXymbols Fractions Font Family Download

Download PIXymbols Fractions

Font Information

Four fonts of integers, numerators and denominators: normal, bold, italic, and bold italic, in two styles: serif and sans-serif, provide eight universal fraction generators.

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Parisine Plus Std Font Family Download

Download Parisine Plus Std

A fancy sanserif in 12 series

Parisine Plus was designed in 1999 as an informal version of Parisine. A reaction to the subjective functionalism of Parisine. In fact, when Parisine try to express neutrality (a typeface is never neutral), Parisine Plus has fun with contrasts and not-so-obvious additions for a Sans family. Parisine Plus is a precursor in the way it offers many ligatures and strange forms we generally find more in serif typefaces families that express historical connotations. More…

Its a fancy and radical typeface to be used with moderation (at your convenience indeed) in a sense that any word, sentence set in Parisine Plus is not any more transparent to the reader.

Not connected with Ratp and public transports, Parisine Plus was created as an informal version of Parisine. Notable use of this typeface is the identity, signage of the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.

Caricatura Font Family Download

Download Caricatura

A perfect font for comics!

Envoy Font Family Download

Download Envoy

Envoy is a serif type inspired primarily by Garalde oldstyle types. It’s particularly well suited for the needs of longer text such as in books and magazines. The family includes regular, italic, bold, bold italic and small capitals.

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