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Ginza Narrow Font Family Download

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Here’s what I said about the original Ginza:
Sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of that demon is to put something down on paper. A year later the doodles became a skeleton, and then the skeleton had a body, then the body had a name, then the name got a personality.

What was left was a clean set of fonts that encompass a very simple skeleton with a lot of visual appeal. More…

And now with Ginza Narrow:
Once Ginza was released, I immediately wanted to commit the time to create a narrower version—if for nothing else but to add additional versatility to the skeleton, but my schedule just would not allow it until a client recently asked me to. There was no need to ask twice as I had already started and then shelved the initial builds. I also had the opportunity to expand the localization of the fonts by adding Cyrillic.

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