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Eshkol MF Font Family Download

Download Eshkol MF

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Flagstaff JNL Font Family Download

Download Flagstaff JNL

Flagstaff JNL takes the lettering from Roma Initial Caps JNL and gives them the movement of an unfurled banner.

For added effect, there are flagpoles facing in either direction on the lesser and greater keys. Left and right flag ends are placed on the parenthesis keys; a wide blank flag panel is on the left brace key and a narrow blank flag panel is on the right brace key. Letters only; no punctuation or extended characters.

Thystle Font Family Download

Download Thystle

Thystle is a “font for all seasons”. It has six styles ranging from fine to in-your-face, from delicate mono-weight pen strokes to fully calligraphic lines, from delicate, narrow characters to bold, powerful statements. Characteristically, all the styles abound with Anton Scholtz’s energetic “creative common” style - extravagant capitals, clear characters, and bursting-with-life swashes.

Three Thystle styles are calligraphic. You can use:
- Regular for invitations, poems, greeting cards and body text
- Black for swing tags, music media, menus and sub-headings
- Fat for posters, book covers and headings More…

Three Thystle styles are monolinear. You can use:
- Mono1, which is both delicate and condensed in width, for invitations, poems, greeting cards and body text
- Mono2, which is of medium weight and condensed in width, for swing tags, music media, menus and sub-headings
- Mono3, which is heavier and of standard width, for posters, book covers and headings.

Opentype features include alternative upper case characters, as well as a number of ligatures. (These can be used in applications that access OpenType features.)

Thystle contains over 283 characters - (upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numerals, symbols and accented characters for both Text and Display caps). It has all the accented characters used in the major European languages.

NeonStream Font Family Download

Download NeonStream

Blandly glowing strings of letters in chemical colors call forth endless memories of bars and restaurants, of beer and hot dogs, of casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the acme of neon.

Gas-filled, bent-glass tubing creates the familiar letterform; even weight and deliberate curves combine oddly with wild and challenging colors that flag funky urban pleasures.

Leslie Cabarga’s NeonStream evokes the Art Deco glamour of it all.

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