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Eckhardt Slabserif JNL Font Family Download

Download Eckhardt Slabserif JNL

Font Information

Eckhardt Slabserif JNL is a bold, condensed slab serif font that’s perfect for attention-getting headlines, signs, banners, price cards or any printed project where a strong type face is needed.

Its name (as others in a series of sign shop-oriented fonts) is Jeff Levine’s way of honoring his friend Al Eckhardt, who ran Allied Signs in Miami until his passing.

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MVB Emmascript Font Family Download

Download MVB Emmascript

Named after her 1968 Volkswagen Bug “Emma”, Kanna Aoki’s Emmascript reminds us of the unmistakable quirks of everyday handwriting. Idiosyncrasies of this whimsical ballpoint script include the looping lowercase ‘r’, the ‘A’ resembling an oversized ‘a’, and the curlicue question mark.

Aoki and foundry MvB Design placed special attention on making the letters connect, without sacrificing the design’s irregular rhythm. The personable warmth of Emmascript will make readers feel like they've made a new acquaintance. More…

Perfect for sincere advertising and sticky-note style display work.

Calling Card JNL Font Family Download

Download Calling Card JNL

In today’s day and age, the term “calling card” refers to a prepaid means of making long distance phone calls.

In a more gentler time, the calling card (similar to a business card) was what a gentleman presented to a housekeeper or butler when visiting (calling) on a friend or business contact.

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