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Font Information

Default is a static and condensed monospaced sans-serif.

It was the idea to create a stylistically neutral and simple typeface with a spirit of the present. Letterforms are simple and slightly rough. Little illogical things (serifs in‚ “r” and Cyrillic “ge”, the ascender of Cyrillic “be” and the Helvetica-like “a”) make impossible to Default to become a fashionable and module typeface, but add some warmth and naïvety to it. While monospaced forms and lack of contrast make a composed type to look restrained and clean.

Default is destined to be a typeface by default.

  • Average of 8 ratings: 4.9/5

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I set out to design a contemporary font that is condensed with thick and thin strokes. The highly structured forms of this condensed font was made more interesting and softer by giving it a slightly calligraphic tone and by adding round corners. Atto’s express purpose is to be both utilitarian, compact and technical but with a friendly face.

The name “atto” was adopted since it refers to the measurement of “smallness” or detail. You will no doubt discover all the many pleasant nuances within Atto. Adopted in 1964, “atto” comes from the Danish “atten”, meaning eighteen. Atto - (symbol a) a SI prefix to an unit and means that it is 10 to the power- 18 times this unit. Examples are one attosecond or one attometer/attometre. More…

Atto is available in for Mac and Windows in Postscript, Truetype and Opentype.

Ballyhaunis NF Font Family Download

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Lewis F. Day, in his 1910 classic Alphabets Old and New, filed this work by Laurence Schall under the category of Celtic-inspired, and surely it is both.

This font included a few special extras, including a Celtic cross in the florin position, a Celtic knot is the dagger position, a shamrock as the asterisk, and a double shamrock in the double-dagger position.

Both versions of this font include the Latin 1252 and Central European 1250 character sets.

Auldroon Font Family Download

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Auldroon was inspired by the pseudo-medieval fonts that were fairly popular in the late 19th century.

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