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Curly Font Family Download

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Font Information

  • Average of 5 ratings: 4.0/5

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Faux Chinese Font Family Download

Download Faux Chinese

Modern Chinese typography is the basis for these two simulation fonts, combined in one package. Includes upper case alphabets, numerals, and basic punctuation in two styles, as well as symbols: magpie (the Bird of Joy), chrysanthemum, shou, and Yin-Yang.

Affront Font Family Download

Download Affront

Affront is Carsten Raffel's first font for fontkingz. It is a very extended computer-generated font-family with three members: regular, light and a stylish doublette-version.

Affront fonts include a full character set. The capital letters are monospaced, some of the lower case letters look very unique.

This font works best for logotype- and headline design. It looks good on futuristic refrigerators, Science-fiction film posters and modern dance music cd-compilations.

Bluntz Font Family Download

Download Bluntz

American artist David Sagorski was influenced by the crisp, energetic look of graffiti when he designed this dramatic, all capital font. The angular, decisive nature of the letterforms reflects the visual power and immediacy of ‘off the street’ art. Street-smart Bluntz has been refined to a condensed italic typeface that will deliver stand out headlines with a 90s edge.

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