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Copperplate EF Font Family Download

Download Copperplate EF

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Beauvoir Font Family Download

Download Beauvoir

Beauvoir is based on a sample of Art Nouveau period hand-drawn poster lettering designed by Chicago designer Frank Atkinson.

The original sample was limited, so we extrapolated from it and added new characters and character variations to make the final result more interesting.

Alexandria Font Family Download

Download Alexandria

Alexandria is the first of the non-Russian fonts I created. It is a Coptic font, inspired by a brush script from Egypt’s Hellenic period and a Coptic font designed by Peter J Gentry, a professor of Old Testament.

The Copts are Egyptian Christians, and their spoken language is a dialect of ancient Egyptian. Their letters, however, are Hellenized and resemble the Greek Alphabet and do not have any relationship to hieroglyphics. More…

Alexandria comes with full punctuation, a character set for most Western European Latin alphabet languages, and a Modern Greek character set. Being a decorative font, it works best at larger point sizes.

Cambridge Font Family Download

Download Cambridge

Cambridge seeks to build on the popularity of Fiendstar amongst educational publishers and advertisers who need easy-to-read text in a classic sans serif format.

Cambridge is an elegant typestyle that is equally at home in a schoolbook or an annual report. Feedback from users has resulted in a handful of changed letterforms which remove any ambiguities between similar letter forms.

The family contains four weights in three widths and now benefits from matching italic form for all variants. More…

Cambridge Round provides a rounded version of all styles, useful for headings and more informal texts.

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