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Cadmus Font Family Download

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Font Information

Cadmus is Jim Rimmer’s re-working of a design done by Robert Foster, a hand letterer. His type, named Pericles is a style that he used for a time in lettering magazine and advertising headings.

The design is based closely on early inscriptional greek, but is less formal than the sans types of Foster’s time.

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Chevin Std Font Family Download

Download Chevin Std

Chevin Std is a rounded type family of twelve weights which has been designed with functionality, legibility and elegance in mind. With its open counters and slightly condensed style Chevin can be used for text and is particularly suited to signage. Chevin Std includes CE language support; Greek & Cyrillic plus a load of OT features are included in the Chevin Pro family.

Erik Spiekermann wrote of Chevin: “It is charming without being cute, and very legible even in small sizes because of its restrained shapes and simple construction.” More…

Chevin is named after a hill near Nick’s home in West Yorkshire. Since 2007 the type family has been highly prominent in the UK as Royal Mail’s corporate font. Sweden’s SKF Corporation also uses it extensively.

Clementine Font Family Download

Download Clementine

Clementine, from Okaycat, is a font designed to be expressive. First, we wanted Clementine to be uplifting, friendly and warm. Secondly, we wanted it to be familiar, but neither staid nor boring. To make Clementine more warm and friendly, 90 degree corners and cubic forms were not allowed. All straight edges are either subtly curved or lightly tapered (with the small exception of the serif foundations, to create a secure base). To add an uplifting feel, all tapering flows towards the apex of the forms and the ascenders were allowed extra rising freedom above the capital height, similar to the effect intended in the architecture of old European churches -- to point all elements gently upwards towards heaven. More…

To keep Clementine familiar, traditional type setting shapes were used throughout the font. To avoid the usual coldness of typical typewritten fonts, all forms were opened up, calligraphic touches were introduced, and any unnecessary serif elements were omitted. The result is a look that brings a touch of nostalgia or a “retro” feel.

Clementine is highly appropriate anywhere a soft and friendly feel is desired. Can work well as a body text, or as ad copy.

Clementine is extended, containing the full West European diacritics & a full set of ligatures, making it suitable for multilingual environments & publications.

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