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Britannic Font Family Download

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  • Average of 2 ratings: 3.5/5

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Abaddon Font Family Download

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Abaddon has been one of our most popular fonts since it was first released in the mid-90s.

It’s based on lettering by Alphons Mucha with some modernization.

Haunted House Font Family Download

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Halloween lends itself to graphic images: witches, ghosts, bats, jack-o'lanterns and haunted houses. When we think of a haunted house, we generally think of a large, abandoned, derelict Victorian wood-frame house. The style is usually Second Empire or Queen Anne. There tends to be a lot of decoration. There is usually a porch or two with decorative spindle work. There is probably a tower, either square with a mansard roof such as one might see in Paris or round with a conical roof borrowed from a Loire Valley chateau. These houses were generally in the United States between 1860 and 1900, products of the exuberance of a time before income tax. It took at least three servants to maintain such a house and was very expensive. Few can afford them today. That is why so many were converted to professional offices, multi-family dwellings or simply abandoned. More…

Haunted House is our typographical contribution to Halloween. Based on our font Petrarka ML, it features decorative capital letters that utilize the silhouette of a Second Empire style house complete with a dead tree and a full moon. Included in the font are glyphs of a witch (177), a bat (137), a jack-o'lantern (135) and a ghost (175) -- everything you need for a Halloween flyer, party invitations or setting a theme in a bulletin.

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