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Anglaise Font Family Download

Download Anglaise

Font Information

Anglaise was designed for display and it likes to be big and present, filling the width of a whole spread. The repetition of vertical black and white space holds the typeface together and the contrasting straight and round shapes add the personality... for even more... use the OpenType features, and Anglaise will start merging and building new characters for you to play around with...


  • Average of 10 ratings: 4.5/5

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AZ Placid Font Family Download

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AZ Placid font is basically a rough outline that lends well to other Serif fonts. This font utilizes an “old look” to the line work which is designed to have a “worn feel” to it. Ideal for use as headline or sub-head text in you design.

Tintern Abbey NF Font Family Download

Download Tintern Abbey NF

A 1905 poster for the Austrian National Highway by artist Gustav Jahn inspired the letterforms for this typeface.

In the spirit of comity, Barnhart Brothers & Spindler's Publicity Gothic Initial Caps inspired the uppercase treatment.

Both versions of this font contain the Unicode 1252 (Latin) and Unicode 1250 (Central European) character sets, with localization for Romanian and Moldovan.

DTC Garamond Variants Font Family Download

Download DTC Garamond Variants

DTC FunWorks consists of 450 extraordinary fonts divided into eight chapters: seven of which include 50 fonts each, and one of which includes 100 fonts*:

  • DTC Brody Variants
  • DTC Dirty Variants
  • DTC Franklin Variants
  • DTC Funky Variants
  • DTC Garamond Variants
  • DTC Plaza Variants
  • DTC Rough Variants*
  • DTC Van Dijk Variants


FunWorks represents an intentional violation of traditional type design rules, thereby transgressing reservation and modesty as well as accuracy of forms and readability. The individual letter is not only a pure sound carrier but it is also complemented by a visual context. Grid, pattern, and structure build a natural environment for the text message. As a result of this, the fonts are predominantly well-suited for headlines. However, since the designs are carefully kept within the boundaries of readability, many of them can be used for text in smaller sizes, too.

URW++ is DTC’s exclusive distribution partner for FunWorks. We think FunWorks is really new and original, and the fonts provide an inexhaustable creativity pool that can be effectively taken advantage of for a large variety of design tasks.

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