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Anglaise Font Family Download

Download Anglaise

Font Information

Anglaise was designed for display and it likes to be big and present, filling the width of a whole spread. The repetition of vertical black and white space holds the typeface together and the contrasting straight and round shapes add the personality... for even more... use the OpenType features, and Anglaise will start merging and building new characters for you to play around with...


  • Average of 10 ratings: 4.5/5

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This monolineal outline script with drop shadow recalls letterforms popular in the 1930’s and 40’s. Eminent Letraset designer Colin Brignall created a strong baseline effect, like that of the old Chevrolet logo, so the lowercase letters would touch or slightly overlap in word settings. The capital letters act as initials.

Harlow Solid effectively captures the flavor of the 1930’s and 40’s with its strong geometric letterforms. Letraset designer Colin Brignall created the capital letters to work as initials and the lowercase letters to overlap in order to convey a strong graphic appearance.

P22 Cruz Calligraphic Font Family Download

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One of a set of three script fonts in three different styles (Ballpoint, Brush and Calligraphic) plus a font of companion ornaments in the same three styles.

Each of the three alphabet fonts are available in optional OpenType format for a more natural effect with automatic character substitution and ligatures.

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Case Closed JNL is a bold, slab serif stencil font inspired by a set of brass stencils spotted for sale in an internet auction.

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