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Anglaise Font Family Download

Download Anglaise

Font Information

Anglaise was designed for display and it likes to be big and present, filling the width of a whole spread. The repetition of vertical black and white space holds the typeface together and the contrasting straight and round shapes add the personality... for even more... use the OpenType features, and Anglaise will start merging and building new characters for you to play around with...


  • Average of 10 ratings: 4.5/5

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Gravura is a classic copperplate script style in every sense of the word, perfect thickness of stroke and letter proportions set it ahead of the crowd in this very competitive category. Initial capitals provide an ornamental flourish and blend beautifully with the simple, elegant lines of a lowercase that has been painstakingly prepared to ensure free-flowing linkage. British designer Phill Grimshaw has also included a selection of ending elements to give settings a special, personalized appearance.

Fantan Font Family Download

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We gave it a softer treatment than many of the faux-Asian faces have.

We also added a lowercase, as is our wont.

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