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Altis Font Family Download

Download Altis

Font Information

Altis combines geometric regularity and soulfulness into one font family. It resembles the traditional sanserif from the early 20th century, which communicates friendly and reads extremely well. Bring out its optimistic airiness with light styles or exploit the masculine strength of the bolds. Altis has been developed to fit present-day editorial conditions and publishing models. There are ten optically-balanced weights and practical OpenType features, which make the family versatile and operationally spot-on.

  • Average of 16 ratings: 4.3/5

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What’s the good word? This elegant, stylish typeface, based on an early twentieth-century Barnhart Brothers & Spindler release, named simply “Engravers Upright Script”.

Based on French ronde letterforms, this version is bolder—which makes it suitable for text settings, even at smaller sizes—and has more pronounced stroke contrast—which makes it suitable for headlines. Versatile, handsome and charming, this typeface is an invaluable addition to any type repertoire. More…

Both versions of the font contain the complete Unicode 1252 (Latin) and Unicode 1250 (Central European) character sets, with localization for Romanian and Moldovan.

1917 Stencil Font Family Download

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We have created this family inspired by the old-fashioned stencil letters like those the French army used during the WWI to write on soldiers' clothes, blankets, signals, ammunition, supplies and so on.

This is a Didone-style font.

We offer two variants for the same font: monospaced or proportionally spaced. Our Open Type specification allows automatic substitution of letters to avoid repeating the same glyph when a letter is repeated (for example “ee” or “bb”)(Not available with accented characters and a few others like “Q” that are never repeated in common use).

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