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Algol Font Family Download

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Font Information

Scientists discovered what they believe is a new display font. First sighted in constellation Perseus, it has been named Algol. The family consists of Algol Regular, Algol VII and Algol IX. Algol Regular and Algol VII can be layered for a striking effect. Algol IX is transparent with more relaxed spacing which enables the observer to see right through it. Alternate letters with closed counters provide a world of design possibilities.

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Pink Lemonade (formerly called Fresh Paint) is just like cool, tart lemonade on a hot summer’s day...refreshing! With varying widths and irregular sizes of the lowercase letters, Pink Lemonade lends a bouncy rhythm to text. Works very well for scrapbooking, invitations, children’s books, recipe books, titling, display purposes, etc.

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A new font for those wanting a techno style.

PF Din Text Compressed Pro Font Family Download

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Back in 1936 the German Standards committee Deutsches Institut Normung (DIN) proposed DIN 1451 as the standard type of lettering for road signage. As the original manual states ‘the purpose of this standard is to lay down a style of lettering which is timeless and easily legible’.

The Din Text series was based on the original standards but was completely redesigned to fit typographic requirements and includes condensed and compressed versions. More…

Completed in 2002, it was first released and published in Parachute’s IDEA/Trendsetting typography vol.1 catalog (2003) and was an instant hit.

The Din Text Pro series is an improved version which was completed in 2005 and enhanced with more weights, multilingual support and opentype features in all different styles. It has lowercase ascenders that are higher than the capitals and italics (just like the first release) that are not a mechanically-obliqued version of the upright weights, but rather true designed italics.

Currently, this is the only professionally designed DIN-based series of superfamilies, which along with its contemporary and popular square-like version Din Display Pro family, offer a powerful set of 56 true weights, all in 4 different families. Each one of these weights supports simultaneously Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. They contain, on an average, 1269 glyphs and 21 opentype features (Din Text Pro supports Greek polytonic as well).

Additionally, every font in these superfamilies has been completed with 270 copyright-free symbols, some of which have been proposed by several international organizations. This is a set of very useful daily symbols for packaging, branding and advertising. Symbols for public areas, environment, transportation, computers, fabric care and urban life.

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