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Adams Font Family Download

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Font Information

Adams is a revival and major expansion of Dolf Overbeek’s Studio typeface and Flambard, its bold counterpart, originally published by the Amsterdam Type Foundry in 1946 and 1954. This digital version adds small caps and a new light weight.

Adams is a simple upright, flat brush script, with stroke angles carefully designed to give the same color in all sizes. It is reminiscent of the sign lettering commonly found in the 1930s and 1940s. More…

The Adams fonts are available in all popular font formats, and the character sets cover a wide range of codepages, including Central and Eastern European languages, Esperanto, Turkish, Baltic, Celtic/Welsh.

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Cyrus Highsmith began work on Daley’s Gothic in 1997, experimenting with a steel brush and ink on paper. After sketching a few characters, he headed to the nearest computer and played out the rest of the characters.

He went on to draw many variations, and in 1998, finally settled on the three weights and matching italics now released.

Cyrus named the family after his mother, who taught him how to draw in the first place.

Ultinoid Font Family Download

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Slightly messed up...

1585 Flowery Font Family Download

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This set of initial letters was inspired from French renaissance decorated letters. Unfortunately, we don't know where they were in use, or who was the punchcutter, our models were coming from a late XIXth century copy.

Note: The letters I and J, U and V are not different. It is not a mistake, but it is the exact reflection of what was customary during the period.

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