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1484 Bastarde Loudeac Font Family Download

Font Information

Download Jacoby ICG Black font, for free!!

Download 1484 Bastarde Loudeac

Font designed after that used in Brehan-Loudeac (Britanny, France) by Robin Fouquet and jean Crès in years 1480s to print a lot of texts and books.

This font include “long s”, naturally, as typically medieval, and a few special characters and abreviations, also some variants, like for “d”, “r” or “v”. The small “y” is accented, just like in British alphabet of the time, though the texts were printed in French. More…

Added, a lot of accented characters no longer existing on this time. A render sheet, in the font file, makes it more easy to identify on a keyboard. This font is used as variously as web-site titles, posters and flier designs, editing ancient texts... all you need. This font supports easily as large than small size, remaining readable, original and pretty.

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