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Primer Font Family Download

Download Primer

Peacock Font Family Download

Download Peacock

Los Lana Pro Font Family Download

Download Los Lana Pro

Los Lana Pro is a handmade display typeface. Unlike other font families, this type has not a modular structure, that is, each character has been individually designed. The coherence of structure elements across different characters is given by irregular strokes. This curveless typeface is perceived as being curved because of its straight lines, which form different-size angles. More…

TS Koblenz Font Family Download

Download TS Koblenz

Vagebond Font Family Download

Download Vagebond

Vagebond is a monoline family in three widths, Condensed (C), Normal (N), and Extended (XT). With Vagebond I was inspired by a very old television I once saw on a junkyard. I wanted to create a typeface with round edges that would fit within the 4 x 3 proportion of the screen. It had to be monoline, because that gives it a very simplistic and minimalistic look.

Having created the XT width I felt it needed the both complementing widths to make it complete. More…

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