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Pantagruel Font Family Download

Download Pantagruel

Sepian Font Family Download

Download Sepian

A razor-sharp “gothic” face, Sepian is a wickedly fresh update on the centuries-old textura blackletter form. Use its darkly cool character to your advantage in tattoos, horror-movie posters, or scary video games.

Mulkshake Font Family Download

Download Mulkshake

Mulkshake is messed up pretty good, and was acutually made on a real bad copymachine!

Highway Font Family Download

Download Highway

Nabataean 50 Font Family Download

Download Nabataean 50

This font provides a typical set of characters for the ancient Nabataean language, used in what is now Jordan and adjoining regions during the period of the Roman Empire, based on lapidary letter-forms of the first century of the present era.

It includes a full set of alphabetic characters as well as the ancient numeral forms, with ligatures and variant shapes for some numerals.

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