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RB Blockerter Font Family Download

Download RB Blockerter

Rusty Font Family Download

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Sevigny Font Family Download

Download Sevigny

Sevigny is for the poetic eye. It sings to readers - luring and promising - sweet like candy. Even though it is different, you feel that you've already seen it. Sevigny seduces you to look. Look twice. Déjà vu Ease the lure. Allow your eyes to follow the rhythmic ribbon. Enjoy the wavy ride on the weavy patterns.

Let Sevigny enrich your design ideas. Recommended for Christmas windows, ribbon candy packaging, lingerie labels, book covers, everything that smells good, everything for grown ups, everything for kids, Christmas carol titles, wedding invitations and wedding magazines. More…

Sevigny is offered in three versions: standard latin letters (upper and lowercase), numbers and symbols. Sevigny PRO is packed with extra ligatures, alternate letters, OT features, more symbols, extended support for foreign languages. Sevigny CAPS has only uppercase letters & numbers.

Myrna Font Family Download

Download Myrna

Tall, thin, and seductive, Myrna is a movie star from the golden age of film.

Suggested uses include poster design, book and magazine covers, and any settings that a tall thin movie star might grace with her glamour.

Uni Wide Font Family Download

Download Uni Wide
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